Mobashir Dar

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Producer managed to track Mobashir Dar down as he was returning to London.

Three tips for those starting out please Mob

Figure out what you want to do

TV has a tendency of putting people into boxes so really ask yourself which genre you'd like to work in. It's not unheard of to move from, say, Documentaries into Sport or Drama into Kids TV but it's harder to do than you might think. 

Always carry Two Pens

Actors/Presenters have a tendency to 'borrow' one for script tweaks. Either that or they really like stationery and are shameless in their pursuit of it. 

Make yourself indispensable

If you can't do that, make yourself likeable.

What was your first job?

I started as a Runner working for Reel Life Television. My background was very un-TV but I did lots of things in my own time that showed my passion for programme making.

I wrote sketches, ran a comedy night, learnt how to edit and was lucky enough to do some freelance journalism. 

What was your Big Break?

Moving from Factual TV into Entertainment/Comedy when I was a Researcher - I immediately felt like a pig in the proverbial.

This came about from a link-up via a Writer friend who had heard there were openings at the BBC. I applied and got the job. A classic case of being in the right place at the right time. 


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