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Mandie Fletcher


Mandie Fletcher has directed Absolutely Fabulous, Jam & Jerusalem, Hamish Macbeth, Black Adder, Brush Strokes and many many more.

Please tell us how to get on in the industry

My biggest tip for success is enthusiasm

You can learn practically everything else, but the only thing only you can bring is enthusiasm.

Always say 'yes' to any request

You can normally fulfil it, but if you can't it's is much better to go back later and say you tried every avenue, rather than say 'no' at the very beginning.

And finally, shut up!

You are the lowest member of any team or crew. The new boy/girl.  Watch, listen and learn and wait to be asked before you chip in.

What was your first job?

My first job was at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford. I started of at 15 as an usherette in the school holidays and at weekends to earn some pocket money. A vacancy came up backstage the following summer.

I got the job, and was determined never to leave. 

First Big Break?

My first big break came when I was working at the London Festival Hall and the Head of Studio Management from the BBC came to the stage door and asked for a guided tour. No one could be bothered to show him round except me.

Two months later he gave me a job as a floor assistant at Television Centre. Within two years I was on the directing course. 


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