Lesley Hardstaff

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Lesley Hardstaff is a great friend of Jumpin2media.com and we will be stalking her for more contributions in the future.

Three Tips for those starting out, if you please Lesley.

Show Initiative

Volunteer to help people, even unpaid, in order to get on.  those who are friendly, helpful and willing are always remembered for the right reasons

There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

It's a small industry and who you know counts for a lot

When you start out, try and work for as many people as you can.  in my experience, a lot of jobs come from personal contacts offering you a job, rather than interviews - people will always rather work with someone they know (as long as they rate them), than a stranger

What was your first job?

My first job was secretary to MDFTel at the BBC, which was Manager, Documentary Features, Television, but my first proper programme job was production secretary on Crimewatch. 

What was your Big Break?

I guess was when i was a production co-ordinator on Jonathan Creek / One Foot In the Grave etc, and Susie Belbin arranged for me to have an interview with Richard Woolfe for a research job on Noel's Christmas Presents (which i got, and co-incidentally am series producing now) 


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