Katie Limmer

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Katie Limmer

Make Up designer

Katie has worked on everything from Televsion series to Commercials, we caught up with her on a recent commercial shoot in West London.

Keep your head


Correct footwear

If you value your toes, don't wear flip flops on set!

Remember your manners

Always be nice to runners. They are the producers and directors of the future.

What was your first job?

The worst and best experience I could have ever had as a first job. A massive TV production in Canada, hundreds of extras in period costume, hair and make up, blood, guts, filming on location in minus 40 degree temperatures, no sleep, angry director...

Complete and utter chaos from start to finish. I got banned from set on the 4th day of shooting for running across the snow with a blanket to reach an actor who was lying on the ground freezing to death. I made footprints on the ground where the snow should have looked fresh for the next shot. Even though we had men there to put extra snow on the ground in these situations, my mistake gave the director an opportunity to Vent his anger and frustrations in front of the whole crew. It was utterly devastating for a 21 year old graduate, but it taught me to always think before you act and not to take any bad behavior from other people to heart.

There are some massive Ego's in this business and you need to be strong and develop a thick skin. Don't take anything personally and just focus on doing the best job you can. Sometimes there will be people who will never be happy with what you do, but these are outweighed by the lovely people who will shower you with praise and gratitude. 

which led to...

My next job involved being locked in a toilet cubicle with a very hairy actor bent over a toilet seat having his bum tattooed... It made me chuckle at how diverse the job can be. Just take it all in your stride. 

Big Break?

I feel like I am still waiting for it really, but I was lucky enough to be Key make up designer on my first Tv feature at the tender age of 23. I didn't really have enough experience, and missed out on all the valuable tips you would normally learn from being an assistant, but it threw me in at the deep end and taught me how to improvise and think on my feet.

I am so lucky that my career has been incredibly diverse, and even though after 18 years I still feel like I am waiting for something amazing, it's so important to treat every job like your big break because you never know who you might meet or what might come out of it. I am constantly surprised! 


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