John Chapman

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From 'Common as Muck' and 'Shooting the Past' to 'Life Begins', 'Cracker', 'Just William' and 'The Street', John Chapman is a hugely experienced and rather brilliant producer. are VERY grateful to him for getting in touch and sharing his advice.

Just be all thing to all people all the time.

Make Contact

Contact everybody first time round, expect 99% no but the most surprising people might just say come and have a chat.

Take the chance, whatever the chance, first time round

You are bound to be a dogsbody doing all the jobs nobody else wants to do but if you do those jobs efficiently and with a modicum of charm, it's amazing how quickly you might become indispensable.

Be interested in everybody and everything not just the boss

You have no idea when you arrive at your first job who has influence and what is going to happen to all those in and around you. Just remember that your fellow runner may be running a company in ten years time.

What was your first job?

Assistant stage manager for a couple of plays at the Bristol Old Vic before I went to University. 

What was your 'Big Break'?

Going to US straight after university and working initially as - you guessed it - an Assistant Stage Manager at Caffe La Mama in New York. Met a whole load of inspirational people and was given a play by a writer that happened to be brilliant. 


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