Connal Orton

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Connal Orton kindly got in touch with after a begging letter from us, you lot really don't know how lucky you are!

Three great pieces of advice for those who want to get on

Be Flexible

Be focussed in what you want to do, but don't be too rigid.  If you're
curious about things and keep an open mind you'll find something that really
grabs your interest, or that you're really good at - which may not
necessarily be the thing you originally thought you wanted to do.

Seek out the best.

Look for teachers.  Work with the best people you can and always feel like
you're learning new things, facing new challenges and stretching yourself.

Don't be an arsehole and don't work for arseholes

Life's too short.  They are never as good as they think they are.  All the best people I've ever
worked with and for have been really nice.

Always be polite, good-humoured, etc.  Be the sort of person you'd like to be around, and others will want to be around you.

What was your first job?

I worked for the mum of a friend of mine selling ladies' knickers on a market stall. As a 15 year old boy it took a bit of confidence. 

What was your Big Break?

I sent a play I had written for Radio 4 to Alan Ayckbourn and he invited me to come to his theatre in Scarborough to write and direct a new play.

It began an association with the theatre that I had on and off for ten years and where I really learnt the craft of writing and directing from an absolute master. 


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