Audrey Cooke

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Audrey Cooke

Director and Producer

Director and Producer Audrey Cooke shares with us her top career tips, and tells us about her big break.

What would be your top tips?

Don't be afraid to ask questions

No one will mind explaining something you don't understand, but if you pretend to know/bluff it out, you'll get found out. Like most professions, TV/media is full of terms, expressions, and 'in' language that it takes time to learn. If you don't understand what you've been instructed to do - ask someone. And if you do screw up - admit it. It's very hard to bawl out someone who's put their hands up!

Learn as much as you can

Try to learn as much as you can about every aspect of the world you're in - even if you're pretty sure which area you wish to specialise in. Again; ask questions. People love to tell you about their chosen field, and you might surprise yourself by deciding to change direction.

Never go drinking with the Sparks. Or the Props boys.

What do you consider your big break?

I trained in stage management at Central School of Speech & Drama and started directing comedy shows at the Edinburgh festival. One of the plays - An Evening With Gary Lineker - transferred to London so, because I had a 'West End Show', I was given a place on the BBC directors' course.

What was your first TV job?

My first TV jobs were on Brookside and The Bill - I didn't really have a clue what I was doing, but the TV soaps are a great place to learn and make contacts.

The industry changes all the time, so I'm still learning...


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