Amanda Holden

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Amanda Holden

Actor,Presenter caught up with Amanda backstage at the Theatre Royal on Dury Lane

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Amanda gives us three essential tips

Work Experience

Try and get some work experience. Volunteer yourself. When you're there do absolutely everything you can to be helpful without getting in the way!

Making tea, cleaning, running errands anything that can bring you closer to the job you eventually want to work in.

Show enthusiam and interest and even if you feel shy push yourself forward and ask questions.
Don't let YOU be forgotten by people.

Be Humble

No one likes a know-it-all. Be humble.

The most endearing people are those who have a little bit of naivety about them and are keen to take advice and learn. Keep opinions and knowledge to yourself unless you need it to show proficiency.

And my Motto that even my 5 year old now says NEVER GIVE UP.

First Job?

My first big job was playing Liesel Von Trapp ( aged 21 not 16 going on 17!) in a big tour of Sound of Music with Christopher Cazenove playing my Dad. 

Big Break?

Although I had done a lot of telly my First proper Big break was playing Mel in a comedy series with Caroline Quentin called Kiss Me Kate for BBC 1 






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